Industrial Asset Reliability

Assets are made to do their job. Whether it is a process plant, a manufacturing site, a marine vessel, a pipeline, a safety gear, or a critical component inside a bigger construction, you want your assets and their parts to perform day in, day out and at night.

Any interruption due to a component failure leads to unforeseen expenses and production interruptions which again induce costs. Most of the failures are linked to issues where the material is subject to specific loading and environmental conditions. OCAS is involved in analysing failures, proposing adequate repair methods and remedy actions to prevent failures from occurring again. We have assembled a multi-disciplinary task force to address the rising demand for services related to failure analysis, engineering critical assessment, fit-for-purpose analysis and asset integrity management services. 

Corrosion on metal structures is the most obvious one; worldwide it leads to billions of Euros of lost revenues every single year. But also fatigue on welded / bolted components and wear of steel parts are very prominent failure patterns.  They are covered by our expertise fields in material compatibility, whether it deals with welding and joining, metallurgy, coatings, physical testing in different environments (incl. hydrogen), modelling or health & safety aspects.

Benefit from our competence on resistance to wear, fatigue, and corrosion. Discover our work on the structural aspects of critical steel components through failure analysis, design, testing qualification (including XL size) and development of new methodologiesCombining our experience in root cause analysis, weld integrity and computational fracture mechanics allowed us to take a more informed decision on lifetime extension of ageing assets. 

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“Any interruption due to a component failure leads to unforeseen expenses and production interruptions. Let OCAS help to identify the cause, and how to prevent it from happening again.”

Marc Vanderschueren, Senior Business Development manager, OCAS