FatCor: better understanding the FATigue CORrosion mechanisms

“Towards a longer lifetime of offshore wind turbine monopile structures by better understanding the FATigue CORrosion mechanisms”

The project FatCor investigates the mechanism of corrosion fatigue for different environmental and loading conditions, for offshore wind structures installed in the Belgian North Sea. The project combines experimental and numerical methods in order to achieve a prediction of the transition of superficial corrosion to a fatigue crack. The objective is to develop fundamental knowledge for the estimation of the remaining fatigue life of the substructure of an offshore wind turbine, particularly in the case where the structure or part of it was originally protected against corrosion, but where this protection became damaged and a new estimation of the fatigue life taking into account this damage is necessary.




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“FatCor is a fundamental research project financed thanks to the support of the Energy Transition Fund of the federal authorities of Belgium