Fast response prevents failure

OCAS created a dedicated task force to support key accounts in ensuring the reliability of their safety-critical industrial assets.

OCAS has a strong track record in tackling challenging engineering problems involving welding, fatigue and fracture. With the recent acquisition of Endures by FINOCAS, the combination of OCAS and ENDURES as sister companies has strengthened our global service offer in corrosion and material degradation. And we continue to invest in competences related to durability and lifetime prediction. We have assembled a multi-disciplinary task force to address the rising demand for asset integrity management services.

Evaluating fitness-for-purpose

Recently, this dedicated OCAS team has been mobilised to provide support in different case studies on reliability of industrial assets. We assisted customers and key accounts across the globe with forensic failure investigations, root cause analyses of fatigue and fracture, and integrity assessments of welded structures. The scope of these interventions covered large industrial assets such as overhead cranes, pipelines and pressure vessels. Thanks to our lean organisation, we could deploy experts with the right skills set overnight to address the needs of our customers swiftly. By performing Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA), we could evaluate whether flawed structures were still fit-for-purpose. Combining our experience in weld integrity and computational fracture mechanics allowed taking a more informed decision on lifetime extension of ageing assets.

De-risking capital-intensive investment projects

In addition to our reactive response on asset integrity, we can unlock value by reviewing investment files for capital goods. By scrutinizing the material selection, challenging the engineering approach or evaluating the redundancy of the design, we can identify potential flaws already in the early stages of the project. This proactive approach allows de-risking capital-intensive projects and can avoid potential failures and costly mistakes. Introducing structural health monitoring and a risk-based inspection philosophy also allows reducing the operational expenditure and extending the operational lifetime.

Orange area shows numerical prediction of fatigue crack growth in an overhead crane girder

”Our dedicated OCAS task force offers a versatile skill set in welding, corrosion, fatigue and fracture. We are confident we can add value by supporting our customers in asset integrity management and de-risking of capital-intensive projects.”

Filip Van den Abeele, Senior Structural Integrity Specialist
Christoph Gerritsen, Senior Research Engineer Welding, Applications & Solutions department, OCAS