Structural health monitoring renders industrial assets smart

Lifetime assessment is essential towards decision support for quantification of lifetime extension and optimisation of predictive maintenance.

OCAS combines its competencies it the fields of advanced material characterisation, numerical modelling, large-scale testing, welding assessment in its service offer on structural health monitoring of industrial assets. Our smart approach can be applied in a wide range of applications, especially for capital-intensive assets.

Monitoring and digital twins to safely extend lifetime

The need for reliable data in structural health monitoring of industrial assets is clear. OCAS uses its expertise on the behaviour of these structures under real operating conditions through advanced load and condition monitoring. This data is mirrored virtually using a digital twin. The outcome is translated into customer recommendations regarding risk-based inspection and preventive maintenance. Structural health monitoring enables a more informed view on the fitness-for-purpose of safety-critical equipment. Digital twinning provides a reliable tool to safely extend the lifetime of the structure.

Load and damage monitoring to predict life expectancy

As structural health monitoring is being performed while the structure is in service, it enables to predict and identify damage. This allows to schedule inspections and servicing of equipment in an cost-efficient way. Powered with real-time data, OCAS experts can predict the remaining operational lifetime of the structure.

Large-scale testing to validate

The introduction of novel materials or assembly techniques often requires formal qualification. In this case, OCAS offers versatile large-scale test set-ups. The results of these experiments have a high added value when applied for inspection method or performance validation.
Large-scale testing is furthermore a strong asset to assess the safety level of complex welded structures or gain knowledge about remaining lifetime in case of damaged components.

”Smart structural health monitoring clearly reduces downtime and replaces schedule-driven maintenance with condition-based maintenance. It increases the safety and longevity of our customers assets””

Jeroen Van Wittenberghe, Senior Team leader large scale testing, Applications & Solutions department, OCAS