Equipment & Infrastructure

Health & product safety

OCAS’s expertise in the field of product safety is concentrated on

Risk assessment

Using several techniques, e.g. FT-IR and  XRF,  OCAS identifies and characterises possible hazards. Results enable to perform e.g. coating reverse engineering.

By sampling and measuring air or fume, hazardous compounds are detected and quantified. These allow to assess the level of exposure and protect the health & safety of operators by comparing the measured concentrations with the occupational and exposure limits . 

Welding and cutting fume analysis

Pyrolysis of the coating allows to predict organic volatiles emitted during welding and cutting. OCAS is furthermore equipped for sampling and quantitative analysis of dust (using ICP) and gases (using GC) emitted during welding. 

Release of hazardous compounds

OCAS is fully equipped and has skilled staff to determine:

  • Residual chemicals, solvents and/or odor emitted from cured coating e.g. formaldehyde and isocyanates: indoor air quality measurement, workplace analysis
  • Leaching and lixiviation of metallic or mineral elements, such as hexavalent chromium, nickel, cobalt, including food contact ability studies and air quality monitoring
  • Nano and ultra-fine particles sampling & analysis int he air: mass, nature, number, morphology (by means of electrical low prressure impactor ELPI)