Innovative materials’ screening to meet our customer’s challenges

DEME offshore explains the benefits of working with OCAS.

“One of the crucial assets to DEME OFFSHORE are our vessels which need to operate under harsh conditions. In order to counter specific degradation on a critical component in one of our vessels, we needed specialist steel know-how. OCAS provided us with an innovative testing solution to screen the available options in a fast and very flexible way. This has enabled us to choose the best possible material combination and meet the challenging timeline to upgrade the part. As such, we could significantly reduce degradation and obtain operational savings, improving vessel’s performances over time.”


Project Engineer at DEME Offshore


“In this investigation, OCAS and DEME were looking for the optimum combination of material to minimize wear of a critical component of the ship. An automatically controlled test system allowed to investigate the wear under high pressure for contact length of hundreds of meters. The results evidenced that some material combinations were significantly more efficient than others.”

Philippe Thibaux, Senior Structural Integrity Specialist, Applications and Solutions department, OCAS