Equipment & Infrastructure

Welding equipment

OCAS has the following welding equipment:

  • Arc welding
    • MIG/MAG (metal inert/active gas): both manual and robot mounted sources available typically used for research topics on weld structure modification, braze welding of multi-materials, evaluation of novel variants, influence of coating on weldability, influence of joining on enamellling, etc.
    • MMA (manual metal arc)
    • SAW (submerged arc welding): welding crane available with up to 5 wires, typically used for research topics on weldability of pipe steels and plates, formulation of welding guidelines, qualification of different steel grades, twin, tandem and muli-wire welding, evaluation of flux, etc. 
    • TIG (tungsten inert gas) and PAW (plasma arc welding): two robot mounted sources available
  • Joining
    • Brazing & braze welding
    • Adhesive bonding
  • Associated facilites