Equipment & Infrastructure

Welding – SAW

OCAS is equiped with a universal welding crane with up to 5 wires for submerged arc welding on one side and a MIG/MAG torch on the other side. The crane beam can move over a distance of 14 m at welding speed between 0.1 to 4 m/min.

With the multi-wire welding station OCAS is capable to simulate exactly the welding conditions of the most demanding applications in the energy sector.

SAW welding is for example commonly used for spiral welded pipe manufacture, welding of silos and pressure vessels, wind turbine towers and for offshore applications. 

Examples of research topics addressed:

  • Formulation of welding guidelines & delivery of pipe mill support
  • Weldability & qualification of plate & pipe steels (e.g. acc. to EN 10225 or API 2W)
  • Weld parameter selection and sequencing for minimisation of thermal distortion
  • Introduction of high strength steels for wind mill applications
  • Selection of suitable filler wire for improving weld metal toughness
  • Flux evaluation (e.g. size distribution, humidity)
  • Thickness range from 6-100 mm already covered