Assess corrosion in various environments

Structures can be exposed to all kinds of different environments. It is therefore important to assess corrosion using accelerated tests with conditions close to reality.

To speed up its offshore product development, OCAS designed and engineered a dip-dry device for accelerated corrosion tests. The device allows to immerse samples into different electrolytes, whereby wet, humid and dry conditions are alternated.  This way, an accelerated corrosion test was established with conditions close to natural outdoor conditions.

Corrosion assessment is done through

  • weight loss
  • distribution of pits diameter and height by roughness measurements
  • Corrosion products analysis (XRD, FT-IR, SEM-EDX)



OCAS successfully implemented this test set-up for the development of new weathering steels with improved saline resistance for offshore and naval applications.

“The OCAS dip-dry test device is highly versatile and can quickly assess corrosion in various environments.
Working with controlled conditions allows for reproducible data!”

Krista Van den Bergh, Senior Research Engineer Surfaces, OCAS