Successful synthesis of high melting point elements/alloys

Especially in the field of refractory alloys (including Nb and Mo), OCAS gathered metallurgical know-how through experimental testing programmes using arc melting over the past years.

High temperature, low pressure

In a first step, our know-how regarding melting and alloying of pure elements has been validated by successful reproduction of well-known existing compositions. Thanks to collaboration with external partners, OCAS has gained further experience with new interesting refractory alloys.

Getting in shape

Typically, the microstructure obtained in a lab arc melter is very heterogenous. Also, the standard shape of the arc melted ‘ingot’ is not really suitable for further deformation. That is why OCAS has been optimising geometries in such a way that they can easily been further shaped using our small-scale rolling procedure, developed for combinatorial research.

OCAS continues optimising mould design to extend the possibilities of the arc melter’s casting and shaping abilities for more complex alloys. The next focus will be to further hot-deform the samples to refine the grains.

“Our service offer on small-scale alloy production has been completed with our developments in the field of refractory metals.”

Klaas Poppe, Team Leader casting, rolling and thermal treatments, OCAS