Providing technical solutions to the energy market

OCAS is a solution provider in the energy market. Our services include technical support, failure investigation, research & development, finite element modelling, and materials testing. Results are obtained in such a way that they can easily be implemented in industrial applications.

Typical customer requests are for a better understanding of the mechanical behaviour of their metal structures or components. Often, neither existing equipment nor standardised tests are available to help solve the problem. OCAS’s team specialises in measuring the mechanical properties of materials or welds under particular conditions: from lab-scale tests to custom-made full-scale testing; at room temperature, or at high or low temperatures; in cryogenic or other specific environments.

The outcome of these tests is then used as input for finite element modelling. The next step is to validate whether the component is able to sustain the expected loads during its lifetime. OCAS has specialised equipment available to submit such components to static or dynamic loads.

High level research for customers and society

In addition to technical support, OCAS is currently active in a variety of R&D programmes. The research fields include: tribology, fracture mechanics, fatigue, plasticity, stability of structures, joining techniques, corrosion, coating adhesion, and more.

OCAS developed and patented a new technology for welds with improved fatigue-resistance of offshore applications. Through manufacturers and engineering firms, we’ve attracted the attention of several major renewable  energy providers, and a consortium is established. Supported by the consortium members, OCAS had built a scale model of the test set-up , which is now upscaled. We expect that the results will eventually lead to design adaptations for future offshore structures.

“It takes time to build a reputation, especially with major energy suppliers. However, thanks to our innovative approaches and our motivated, highly skilled team, our customers are granting us ever-increasing recognition.”

Philippe Thibaux, Senior Structural Integrity Specialist, Applications and Solutions department, OCAS