Benefit from the full potential of OCAS’s multi-disciplinary approach in surface engineering

OCAS's multi-disciplinary approach in surface engineering assures the link between fundamental knowledge and applied research concerning corrosion & coatings and beyond.

OCAS’s customers benefit from the full potential of our multi-disciplinary competences. Corrosion issues can e.g. be linked to wear, fatigue or even hydrogen interactions leading to sour corrosion.

Our team strives to optimise both process characteristics as well as product performance.

Newly in-house developed test-equipment enables to study fundamentals of real-life performance in a rapid and cost-effective manner. In many cases, OCAS can bring your innovation in metal surface engineering to successful industrial upscaling thanks to our pilot-scale sample production.

To better understand our customer’s needs OCAS continuously improves its knowledge “in the field”. That is why OCAS keeps investing in the development of its team of specialists. Today, OCAS has a.o. a certified adhesive bonding operator.

Benefit from OCAS’s customised test set-ups