Accurate precipitate analysis made easy

OCAS replaced its old Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).

Fully automated daily tuning

Since its installation in 2020, the OCAS TEM – Talos F200X G2 from Thermo Fisher Scientific, equipped with 3 STEM and 4 EDS detectors – has proven to be a high-throughput, yet user-friendly tool. All daily tuning is fully automated, ensuring a rapid start with optimum imaging conditions.

Thanks to the STEM detectors, Z (atomic number)-contrast imaging achieves a spatial resolution of 0.16 nm, whereas the EDS detectors enable powerful ability for analytical analysis: chemical elemental mapping and accurate composition quantification.

Efficiency booster

The innovative Automated Particle Workflow (APW) increases the TEM’s efficiency and level of statistics of precipitate analysis work tremendously.

It easily detected 3000 precipitates in 500 µm² sample area with a 1 nm resolution. For each precipitate the chemical information, morphology and size distribution was detected. The performed work involved only one hour of operator time extended with 17 h in automatic mode without the need for an operator.

The images below show

  1. Identification of the region of interest for EDX mapping,
  2. 100 elemental maps automatically recorded by APW,
  3. Dark field STEM image with Ti rich precipitates highlighted in yellow,
  4. Precipitates from 1 EDX map segmented and labelled,
  5. Histogram of size distribution from all EDX maps

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Extend your own lab

OCAS opens its brand new microscopy lab for its customers. Complement your assets, guarantee your back-up and enjoy our up and running equipment.

“Our fully equipped new TEM allows to detect  20 times more precipitates  in less than 20% of the standard needed operator time.”

Hui SHI Maggie, Research Engineer Material Characterisation & Testing department, OCAS