OCAS’s microscopy lab relocates and expands

Not only is the OCAS microscopy lab being relocated, state-of-the art new equipment is being added.

Vibration-low location

The new microscopy lab accommodates all our in-house microscopic instruments. Its location in the basement ensures a minimum of vibrations which is indispensable for instruments with micrometer to nanometer resolutions.

High-precision temperature control

For the most sensitive instrument – our new FEG-TEM – even an isolated room with high precision temperature control was constructed.

Special wallcovering reduces the noise level inside the room. All technical resources are combined per instrument in a central console.

Reaching ultimate resolution

The new vibration-low location and high precision temperature control improves the instruments’ performance for your material characterisation and failure analyses.

Extend your own lab

OCAS opens its brand new microscopy lab for its customers. Complement your assets, guarantee your back-up and enjoy our up and running equipment. 

“This room will combine the best conditions for both the microscopes and the operators, ensuring the best possible performance for our customer requests.
And apart, from all that, it’s great to work in a new beautiful lab!”

Ann De Vyt, Team leader Structural Materials Characterisation, OCAS