Wire rod in good shape

OCAS's unique lab facilities enable to cast, roll, draw and coat tailor-made alloys according to your specs.

From customised cast to tailor-made wire

The OCAS hot rolling lab mill has been adapted for wire rod rolling to produce small quantities of tailor-made wire material for R&D purposes.  Straight round bars of 5.5 mm diameter with good ovality and up to 2 m length are obtained starting from 15 mm square sections. Depending on the rolling process and chemistry, smooth surfaces of adequate quality are obtained.

The reversible bar rolling is compatible with the 100 kg lab casts, which are cut into smaller blocks before rolling. As such, the composition of the bars can be tailored to your needs. Next to steel, also non-ferrous alloys have been rolled to round bars of 5.5 mm diameter without issues, offering new opportunities for the development of e.g. feedstock for additive manufacturing.

Starting from our lab cast, OCAS can tailor bars to your needs. Depending on your application, the wire rods can be further cold drawn (typically ~50 m length for 1 mm wire) and coated.

bar rolling feedstock additive manufacturing non-ferro lab rolling

wire rod ocas feedstock additive manufacturing ovality

“Having this flexible lab capacity for producing customised lab wire, with optimised and tailored composition, we can offer our customers access to a unlimited offer of bar or wire rod in small quantities for their new developments”

Elke Leunis, Senior Researcher Metallurgy, OCAS