Coating solutions for wire covering your needs

Mastering both surface pre-treatment as well as plating, OCAS's experts provide coating solutions for different types of wire.

Combining their expertise in the field of surface pre-treatment, coating application technology and advanced coating characterisation, the OCAS surface engineering team can offer an interesting range of services on plating:

  • Pre-activation of metal surfaces prior to coating
  • Problem solving for customers and associations
  • Upscaling for industrial use
  • Reach compliant hard chrome deposition
  • Detailed layer analysis
  • Wear resistance testing
  • Risk assessment with regard to potential health & safety process or product issues

Prototype wire samples for additive manufacturing

Recently, a project on welding wire was successfully finalised in which the wire was Cu-plated. First, the pre-treatment was optimised followed by plating in our in-house built plating cell. Finally, the process was upscaled for the OCAS pilot plating line. Fluid dynamics of the bath were studied and adjusted resulting in homogeneously coated welding wire fit for research purposes.

fluid dynamics ocas bath flow plating pilot line

OCAS furthermore offers advanced characterisation by our highly skilled staff on our in-house facilities as well as in-use testing of coating performance using state-of-the art-equipment.

“Prototype samples of coated wire e.g. welding wire can easily be made in OCAS’s small-scale in-house built plating cells or pilot line”

Ansbert De Cleene, Research Engineer Surface department, OCAS