Lab scale heavy gauge hot rolling, now fully automated

The OCAS heavy gauge reversible hot rolling lab scale mill has been fully automated. As manual manipulations are no longer required, blocks with a weight up to 65 kg can now be rolled.


The maximum starting thickness is 200 mm and we can roll down to 5 mm, which makes the mill suitable for rouging and finish rolling.

The max. dimensions after rolling 1600 mm (length) x 500 mm (width) allows sampling for a large range of test samples.

Data logging

Temperature control is available for thermomechanical rolling. A full logging of all process data is possible: forces, temperature on the surface and mid thickness, torque, etc.  The full thermal profile can be given from the start of rolling to the end of cooling.


Besides carbon steel, OCAS can roll other materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel grades, Inconel, copper, etc.

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We can reheat up to 1280°C in a convection furnace. Our air circulation furnace  is better suited for lower reheating temperatures, allowing us to guarantee highly homogeneous temperatures in the range 350-600°C, which is suited for e.g. aluminum.


After rolling air cooling or controlled water cooling in our laminar cooling strip is carried out. With our laminar cooling line we can cool between two rolling passes.



“The automation of our hot rolling mill opens even more possibilities for lab scale production of alloys for our customers “

Klaas Poppe, Team Leader casting, rolling and thermal treatments, OCAS