Fully automatised pilot cooling

Lab tools are ideal for cost-effective product development. However, in order to collect all the necessary data needed for future industrial upscaling, automation including full data logging is a major advantage.

OCAS is equipped with a fully automatised high width rolling mill connected to the cooling pilot, by automatic transfer. A key state-of-the-art tool for hot rolled skelp and heavy plate development.



Plate / sheet dimensional range

  • Width   150-500 mm
  • Length 150-1500 mm
  • Thickness  6-150 mm
  • Weight  5-65 kg

Available cooling rates

The graph below shows an example of accelerated cooling, with a clear indication of the achieved core and surface temparture.

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The next graph displays the finish cooling temperature at different target temperatures:

Average mid-thickness cooling rates for the entrire lab dimensional window

  • >100 K/s for t<15 mm
  • 30-40 K/s for 25 mm

Including accurate end stop temperature control, in particular in the range of 100-350°C


Thanks to the sectional design of the table, a multitude of cooling patterns can be achieved. Also, as the cooling line is connected with the automised hot rolling pilot mill, cooling sections can be programmed at any stage of the rolling simulation.

“This optimisation will pave the way for both the new generation of hot rolled ultra high strength steel and cost reduction of existing products.”

Ulrike Lorenz, Research Engineer Metallurgy, OCAS