Flawless cross section sample preparation

In addition to mechanical polishing and focused ion beam sample preparation, this new cross polisher will extend OCAS's sampling techniques. Especially for use with our SEM, EPMA and EBSD.

The cross section polisher is a device to prepare cross-sections for use with OCAS’s scanning electron microscope (SEM), electron probe micro analyser (EPMA). To prepare a smooth cross section of the specimen, the polisher emits an ion beam perpendicular to the specimen covered with a shielding plate, and the beam mills the specimen along the border of the shielding plate. The progress of the specimen milling can be observed in real time.

Thanks to its minimum sample damage it provides excellent mirror finish, without distortion, contamination or smearing of large cross sections up to 1 mm wide. This technique allows cross sections to be prepared of specimens that are difficult to process using mechanical polishing methods:

  • For samples too sensitive for mechanical polishing, or FIB
  • For soft, hard, and composite samples
  • For porous materials
  • Processing of samples for crystal orientation analysis (EBSD)

cross section polisher








“The purchase of this new cross section polisher will enable us to provide the sample preparation solution for an even broader range of purposes and samples.”