Outdoor soil corrosion site now available

To better predict the lifetime of coated structures, OCAS is now capable of getting data from both its outdoor exposure site as well as from its brand new outdoor soil corrosion site. Three pits are available each filled with different soil.

In addition to its short term accelerated lab corrosion testing and long term outdoor exposure site, OCAS also invested in an outdoor soil corrosion site. This will allow for more accurate coating life time predictions for metallic/organic coated metal structures exposed to soils.

As soils vary strongly per region, OCAS installed three pits with three different soils. Soil parameters such as pH, texture, redox potential are monitored.

By adding this outdoor soil corrosion site we are confident that we will enhance our expertise in these complex mechanisms and their combined implications. This additional knowledge will enable us to answer customer needs in applications where metallic coated structures are in contact with soil.

Ansbert De Cleene, Research Engineer Surface department, OCAS