MTS calls upon OCAS to expand their service offer with accelerated fatigue testing equipment

Jeroen VAN WITTENBERGHE (OCAS), Kelly FISHER (MTS), John HUBBARD (MTS), Jacob FERN (MTS) (left to right) behind the brand new HIPNOS US accelerated fatigue test bench. A clear win-win case for both involved parties and their customers.

Addition of Accelerated Fatigue Qualification

Mechanical Testing Services LLC (MTS), provides equipment testing-related services for a full range of industries and companies to the energy and various industrial markets. Their state-of-the-art facility offers the expertise and competence for full-scale testing according to various international standards. From their traditional energy customer base, MTS has acquired significant technical expertise in qualification of tubular connections with their test equipment. In order to complete their service offering with the addition of accelerated fatigue qualification for threaded tubulars and girth welds, MTS called upon OCAS’ experience with resonant fatigue.

MTS and OCAS join forces

Based on our proprietary know-how, OCAS designed and engineered the test bench “HIPNOS US” to satisfy the specific needs of MTS. Throughout the process and despite the pandemic, MTS and OCAS have been in very close contact to ensure all aspects of the scope were met. MTS checked the system at OCAS prior to shipping and OCAS engineers went over to Houston for commissioning of the test set-up. OCAS also transferred its knowledge and trained the MTS staff in using the equipment as well as the fracture and fatigue aspects towards result interpretation and analysis.

Expanded service offer for both

As such OCAS expands on its service offer not only with research projects, testing services and asset integrity analysis but now also with specialised equipment delivery and methodology transfer to a key testing and engineering house in the USA. OCAS will continue to support MTS in the field of resonant fatigue testing.

Randy Sullivan, CEO: “The process of commissioning the new resonant fatigue system has gone smoothly, and OCAS has given invaluable support to get our staff trained and in providing after sales support. We look forward to building upon our good relationship with OCAS through this and future endeavors.”

Jeroen Van Wittenberghe & Kris Hertschap: ”Due to the pandemic restrictions it has been challenging to deliver our OCAS fatigue testing system within an ambitious time frame with elaborate on-site support. We are therefore pleased to have succeeded so well. We are really grateful to MTS for their cooperation throughout this project.”

Jeroen Van Wittenberghe, Senior Team leader large scale testing, Applications & Solutions department, OCAS
Kris Hertschap, Research engineer Electromechanical engineering team, OCAS