OCAS is, as part of the Finocas Group, fully certified according to ISO9001 for its quality and OHSAS18001 for its policy on occupational health and safety. The scope is not limited to OCAS only as some operational tasks are carried out by I-SenS, Finocas and Finindus.

The certification was granted to the Finocas group in October 2014 without any non-conformity and reconfirmed in 2017.

Finocas is a joint-venture between the Flemish Region and ArcelorMittal Belgium. OCAS is the research centre of Finocas, while Finindus is its investment company. Facility services are delivered by  I-SenS. Finocas and its daughter companies are referred to as the Finocas Group.














Since the 90’s, OCAS has been ISO 9001 certified. After the creation of the Arcelor Group, it was decided to apply for a grouped certification of all European labs of Arcelor. In 2011, OCAS gained OHSAS18001 certificate. In the past years, increasing demand for accreditation and the change in our scope made OCAS strive for a new certification at FINOCAS Group level.

Since 22 June 2017, OCAS nv is accredited by BELAC as test laboratory in accordance with the requirements of the standard NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. 

accreditation 20170629

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OCAS is recognised by the French Government as a research centre for which French companies collaborating with OCAS can recover tax credits in the framework of the Crédit d’impôt recherche (CIR).