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Numerical simulation

With the availability of continuously increasing computer power, engineering is gradually shifting from relying on physical prototypes to modelling and simulation. At OCAS, we solve engineering problems by building computer models and performing numerical simulations with them.

The principal method used for numerical simulations is finite element analysis (FEA) because of its broad applicability. At OCAS, we use FEA for mechanical analysis of solids and fluids, electromagnetic analysis, thermal analysis,… and combinations thereof (multiphysics analysis). Modelling and simulation do not make all physical experiments superfluous. At OCAS we do perform physical experiments to provide data for the models (determine material parameters e.g.), and to perform model validation. The validated model is then used for design: conducting “virtual” experiments on a computer instead of physical experiments in physical reality.

The numerical simulations are executed with a wide range of state-of-the-art software tools, carefully selected for the task at hand. OCAS can (pre)process your designs using CAD-software (SIemens PLM NX, Solidworks, AutoDesk…), powerful meshing software (Altair HyperWorks) and FEA-solvers (Abaqus, AutoForm, Comsol…) and optimizing software (OptiStruct, HyperStudy…). OCAS’s modelling and simulation tools offer solutions for your design and engineering challenges to achieve maximum efficiency and to reduce cost. The outcome of simulations can be experimentally tested at our facilites and compared with real-life tests for validation purposes.


thickness 3D tdp

Example of modelling of a plating process on a cylindric sample. Click image to start animation.