Equipment & Infrastructure

Design optimisation

In the competitive marketplace, products not only need to satisfy all requirements, but they must do so at the lowest cost. In mechanical design this often also translates into weight reduction. With our software tools, a.o. OptiStruct, OCAS can help you obtain optimal strength and stability by optimal geometry and material selection

At OCAS, we can support you in your mechanical engineering projects, by performing a large number of mechanical analyses: deformation analysis and stress analysis for statically loaded structures, dynamic analysis for dynamically loaded structures, fatigue analysis for cyclic loaded components: shafts, wheels, cranes, etc.

When the loads that are acting upon a component or structure are changing in time, a dynamic analysis is called for. Shock, impact, rolling are typical examples that can be analyzed using a dynamic finite element analysis. Products and their packaging need to survive shocks and vibration occurring during their transport and handling without damage. A drop test simulation can predict if they will.

Slender or thin‐walled components under compressive stress are susceptible to buckling, also known as structural instability. Using finite element analysis the critical buckling load can be determined. 

The specialists at OCAS can assist you in all stages of the engineering design process: from research and feasibility down to preliminary and detailed design of products and processes.