Equipment & Infrastructure

Abrasion test

Abrasion is the main failure mode observed in many applications (mining, drilling, agrigoods, etc). OCAS is equipped with a standardized sliding dry sand-rubber wheel abrasion tester according to ASTM G65, and an impeller-tumbler impact tester. 

The sliding abrasion tester is typically suited for material handling chutes or rotary tillers applications. Whereas, the impact abrasion tester simulates high stress dynamic loading observed in cement mixers or tippers applications.

Volume loss can be used to rank the materials, in terms of abrasion resistance. 

For advanced characterization of the wear mechanisms involved, OCAS performs FEG-SEM, tribology and microscopy analysis.  


Sliding abrasion tester – dry sand-rubber wheel  – according to ASTM G65: uses silica sand at a maximum normal load of 130 N and a maximum number of rotations equal to 6000.

Impeller-tumbler impact tester: uses particles (granite or ore available in different sizes) at programmable impact speed for the impeller for varying durations. This device allows the simulation of real cases on a lab scale.