Equipment & Infrastructure

Sheet metal forming

Sheet metal forming, also known as stamping, is a process in which sheet metal is formed into a desired shape by stretching it between a punch and a die. OCAS uses the specialized simulation tool AutoForm for cost-effective design of process and tools. Sheet wrinkling, buckling and tearing can be predicted and avoided before expensive tools have been produced. 

OCAS has proven track record in sheet metal forming. In its lab in Zelzate OCAS has two full CNC controlled hydraulic double action deep drawing presses (160 and 630 tonnes).  The semi-industrial 1600 kN press is equipped for Marciniak and Nakazima testing, springback testing and forming limit diagram (FLD) determination.

OCAS furthermore has a full CNC controlled hydraulic double action Erichsen lab press for cup tests, hole expansion test and experimental determination of limit drawing ration  (LDR), bulge test and powdering. Erichsen cupping tests can be carried out on bare, painted or welded samples.

The bridge type coordinate measurement machine for 2D/3D geometrical characterisation has a 2500 x 1500 x 1000 mm working volume and is available for quick non-contact laser scanning or high precision tactile scanning of shaped parts. In addition to ultra-sonic thickness measurement, OCAS is equipped with fully automated strain measurement.

OCAS’s incremental forming rapid prototyping machine is available for prototypes or small series up to a working volume of 2000 x 1300 x 500 mm for sheet thickness up to 4 mm (or 2 mm for stainless steel). Making use of low cost tooling, OCAS can manufacture small series on the deep drawing presses.