Equipment & Infrastructure


Coordinate measuring machine CMM

The bridge type coordinate measurement machine for 2D/3D geometrical characterisation has a 2500 x 1500 x 1000 mm working volume and is available for quick non-contact 3D-laser scanning or high precision touch probe of shaped parts. 

In addition to checking dimensions and tolerances of shaped parts, OCAS uses its CMM for reverse engineering. Whereby the scanning of the shaped part enables the translation into its 3D coordinates. The data is then further used to optimise the part via numerical simulation.

Strain measurement

OCAS is equipped with fully automated strain measurement for post-deformation strain mapping. The system records a shaped part using CCD cameras. The measuring results allow for easy verification of the shaping proces. Areas with huge deformations are highlighted. 

A marking pattern is applied to an undeformed object surface. Successive images of this pattern are recorded by high resolution CCD cameras after the object deformation.  The surface is divided into facets, and their coordinates are tracked and correlated from image to image with a sub-pixel accuracy.  Based on the results of the correlation analysis, local displacements and strains are calculated and displayed in an interactive 3D model of the deformed object.