Equipment & Infrastructure


OCAS has fully equipped enamel lab, including modular substrate pre-treatment and enamel preparation.

Dipping, wet and powder spraying is available. Small scale panel firing can be done in lab furnaces – including a gradient furnace – or in a pilot line tunnel furnace for larger samples.


Charactarisation techniques include

  • hydrogen permeation test
  • fish scale resistance measurement
  • adherance measurement according to EN10209
  • porosity check
  • determination of resistance to thermal shock
  • abrasion testing

as well as a vast range of analytical techniques to investigate surfaces or cross sections. – see also optical microscopy and metallography

For more fundamental research on e.g. warping and sagging of enamelled parts, OCAS is equipped with an enamel tension meter. Results are used in combination with finite element modelling calculations on Abaqus.