Activities & Expertise

enamelling steel

Enamelled steel is a perfect blend of tradition and high-tech environmentally-friendly innovation. The green alternatives not only reduce enamelling’s carbon footprint, they also reduce the cost of the customer’s process. In the past few years, OCAS has developed a number of novelties allowing to skip oiling and thus degreasing; to reduce the firing time and temperature; to combine good formability with a perfect surface and reduced fish-scale sensitivity.

The outlook for enamel-based technology is very promising indeed. Encouraged by enamel’s excellent durability, appearance and recyclability, OCAS’s researchers are currently working on a new enamel concept. This future product would be durable, ecological, light-weight and easy to shape –  at an affordable price. The concept of a REACH-compliant thin glass layer on steel scores peak life cycle analysis performance and has great potential to become a game-changing innovation.

OCAS can simulate the complete enamelling process in its lab, followed by an in-depth characterisation and testing of the in-use properties in-house. Our skilled staff can rely on state-of-the-art equipment to develop, prepare, apply and characterise different enamel coatings.