Equipment & Infrastructure

Multi-function tribometer

The OCAS multi-function tribometer is a versatile platform on which different available movement stages, temperature stages, counterbodies and sensors can be mounted to create different test conditions. Therefore, it can be used to perform a multitude of standardised tests or custom tests specific for an application.


Standard test examples

  • Scratch testing on coatings according to ASTM C1624 / ISO 20502
  • Reciprocating friction test according to DIN 51834

Custom test examples

  • Hot hardness testing up to 1000 °C under protective atmosphere
  • Scratch testing on non-standard samples, with the possibility of scratches up to 150 mm long
  • Multiple scratch testing
  • Reciprocating friction test with specific tools and parameters
  • Etc.


  • Load sensors from 100 N to 250 kg capacity
  • Large X-Y movement stage of 150 mm x 250 mm
  • Additional reciprocating motion up to 80 Hz with LVDT positional encoder
  • Heating test stage up to 1000 °C