Equipment & Infrastructure

Sour corrosion testing HIC&SCC

Available test methods in our versatile sour corrosion lab:

  • Standard hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) und sulphide stress cracking (SSC) tests, including double cantilever beam test (SSC methode D) – NACE TM0284, NACE TM0177, EFC 16
  • Mild-sour test capability (both HIC and SSC) to simulate virtually any service condition
  • Slow strain rate test (NACE TM0198) to rank materials for sour service
  • Rigorous methodologies to ensure the integrity of the tests (e.g. H2S saturation, temperature, pH, etc.)
  • Post-test analysis techniques: ultra-sounic, magnetic particle inspection, optical micrography, electron microscopy, XRD analysis of corrosion products, etc.
  • Advanced non-standard test set-ups for fast extraction of specimens immersed in H2S-containing environments, and permeation in H2S environment