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Battelle drop weight tear test

The Battelle drop weight tear test (BDWTT) allows investigating and characterising brittle and ductile fracture resistance in reduced and full thickness samples. BDWTT tests are typically used to characterise the type of fracture in pipeline steels and are standardized in API 5L3 and EN 10274. The instrumented tester measures the amount of force required to break a specimen at a certain test temperature, and calculates separate values for initiation energy and propagation energy. This provides additional information in comparison of the standard procedure of only inspecting the fracture surface.


  • instrumented 60 kJ Battelle drop weight tear tester
  • standard sample dimensions: 305 x 76.2 x thickness (mm)
  • standard notch, chevron notch or customised notch
  • evaluation of brittle and ductile (shear) fracture area at different temperatures