Equipment & Infrastructure

Annealing – Reactive annealing process simulator

The Reactive Annealing Process Simulator is a flexible simulation tool for optimising existing annealing treatments and for exploring new (continuous) annealing treatments where an accurate control of the gas-metal reactions is required both in inert as well as reactive atmosphere.
The RAPS is a vertical chamber system, equipped with sample loading and cooling station, an infrared furnace and a servomotor driven sample displacement unit. In combination with a mass flow controlled gas mixing station for different gasses, this type of simulator allows a wide variety of (continuous) annealing treatments.


  • Precise control of cooling rate
  • Mass flow controlled gas mixing station for various gasses 
  • Fast cooling: up to 500 K/s depending on sample thickness
  • Heating rates up to 75 K/s depending on sample thickness
  • Tmax = 1150 °C
  • Sample dimensions: 120 mm x 220 mm, thickness: 0.2 mm – 3 mm