Equipment & Infrastructure

Adhesive bonding

OCAS has a dedicated lab for adhesive bonding and evaluation of bonding behaviour of materials. Adhesive bonding projects are handled by our certified European Adhesive Specialist (EAS). 

Typical tests

  • T-peeltest for flexible bonded to rigid, or flexible to flexible, or rigid to rigid test specimen assemblies (ISO 8510-2)
  • Determination of peel resistance of adhesive bonds using floating roller method (ISO 4578)
  • Pull-off test (ISO 4624)
  • Lap shear test (EN 1465)
  • Evaluation of adhesive fracture plane according to ISO 10365 (failure type), complemented by in-house developed method for increased precision  
  • Tailor-made test methodologies on customer’s request
  • Ageing of bonded samples: corrosion, humilidy, salt spray, temperature range from -40°C to +100°C)