MAY 29 2018

SteelyHydrogen 2018

OCAS is currently preparing the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Metals and Hydrogen SteelyHydrogen2018.

Former editions were mainly focused on hydrogen and steel. Based on feedback, we have decided to expand the scope of this 3rd conference to metals, including aluminium, titanium and nickel based alloys in addition to steel. Check out the conference programme.  

Back in 2010, during the preparation of the very first SteelyHydrogen Conference we opted for the adjective “steely” meaning “very strong and determined”. That is why we will keep using the name SteelyHydrogen for the expanded scope of SteelyHydrogen2018.

This conference with a focus on hydrogen embrittlement of metals, is organised to have a good balance between theoretical and industrial aspects. Therefore the topics for this conference are:

  • Hydrogen Embrittlement of metals in various industries  (high strength steels, enameling steels, sour service grades, Aluminum-based alloys, Titanium-based alloys, Ni-based alloys, etc.)
  • Prevention of hydrogen embrittlement (microstructural design, coatings, etc.)
  • Advanced methodologies to study hydrogen-material interactions (TDA, APT, TOF-SIMS, etc.)
  • Hydrogen transport, trapping and embrittlement modeling (from ab-initio to meso-scale)

The members of the Scientific Jury will chair the sessions and judge the “Best SteelyHydrogen2018 Paper” and “Best SteelyHydrogen2018 Poster” award competition.

Visit our dedicated website to stay tuned or register here to receive updates in your mailbox.

Location: Ghent, Belgium
MAY 24 2018

Structural Integrity seminar

OCAS and its MSC partners have the pleasure to invite you to their seminar on Structural integrity, May 24th, 2018 (PM).

Structural integrity evaluations serve to judge the acceptability of detected or assumed defects. This method relies on the actual performance of the material as used in the structure and has proven on numerous occasions to give the best performance at minimum cost. 

The MSC is now organising its 3rd seminar on industrial examples of structural integrity of metal structures.

The previous sessions in 2016 and 2017 revealed strong interest and an interactive participation from different sectors, ranging from the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors, as well as offshore wind, infrastructure and pressure vessel markets. Based on the feedback from the previous seminars, it has been decided to continue with a repeat edition.

Mark your agenda for May 24th 2018 and do not miss this unique opportunity to exchange market experiences across different sectors!

The organisers are currently finalising the programme. Stay tuned and get the lasted news right in your mailbox

Location: Metal Structures Centre, Zwijnaarde, Belgium
JAN 29 2018

“Use of EPMA in materials research” seminar

OCAS organises the seminar “Use of EPMA in materials research” on Monday 29th January 2018 from 13:30 to 17:30 in Zelzate (Belgium).


  • Electron Probe Microanalysis: something old, something new”, Stefan Kuypers, Jeol Europe
  • Some decades of EPMA analysis in metallurgy”, Blandine Remy, ArcelorMittal Global R&D Maizières
  • Soft X-ray emission spectrometer for EPMA: a new micro-analytical tool for steel research“, Mélanie Gauvin, OCAS
  • Six years of FEG EPMA at KU Leuven and its application in the field of metals, metallurgical residues and refractory”, Annelies Malfliet, KULeuven
  • Following the lectures, the OCAS FEG-EPMA with soft X-ray emission spectrometer can be visited.

Contact us if you are interested to participate.

Location: Pres. Kennedylaan 3, 9060 Zelzate (Belbium)
NOV 29 2017

BIL-NIL Lassymposium

OCAS presents their study of the “Effects of steel chemistry and processing route on CGHAZ toughness”  during the BIL-NIL Lassymposium.

Meet us there.

Location: Berchem, Belgium
NOV 29 2017

Global geothermal summit

The Global geothermal summit  will give the latest updates on the global geothermal energy market and its new developments. Showcasing new techniques and technologies that are paving the way for the sector and expanding the geographical regions where exploration can take place.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
NOV 12 2017

Galvatech 2017

OCAS presents at Galvatech 2017, the international conference on zinc and zinc alloy coated steel sheet.

This conference is organised by the iron and steel institute of Japan.


Location: Tokyo, Japan
OCT 01 2017

IEEE Industry Applications Society 52nd Annual Meeting & Conference

The IAS annual meeting provides an international forum for experts to present and discuss the latest developments in the application of electrical technology to industry.

OCAS participates by presenting a paper.

Location: Cincinnati
SEP 26 2017


Flamac and OCAS join forces in COMMET 2017 – Combinatorial Metallurgy – the International symposium on “Accelerated exploring of novel metal systems”


  • Combinatorial synthesis
  • Accelerated characterization
  • Computational research
  • Scientific case studies of accelerated metallurgical R&D

Discover the programme.

Location: Ghent, Belgium