September 2017
COMMET2017 - First symposium on combinatorial metallurgy confirms its high potential

COMMET2017 - First symposium on combinatorial metallurgy confirms its high potential

OCAS and its partner Flamac jointly organised the first international symposium on “Accelerated exploring of novel metal systems”, 26-27th September 2017, in Ghent. This 2-day seminar consisted of 11 presentations dedicated to combinatorial research in the field of metallurgy, given by various European institutes that are active in combinatorial synthesis, accelerated characterisation and/or computational research. The 50+ participants all gave positive feedback and confirm the high potential of this combinatorial metallurgy.

June 2017
Accreditation for OCAS

Accreditation for OCAS

In compliance with the provisions of the Royal Decree of 31 January 2006 setting up BELAC, the Accreditation Board declares that OCAS has the competence to perform the tests in accordance with the requirements of the standard NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

This accreditation certificate was issued 22 June 2017.

February 2017
Spin-off borit is supplier-of-choice for Symbio range extender

Spin-off borit is supplier-of-choice for Symbio range extender 

Borit started off as a spin-off company of OCAS NV and Borit Leichtbau-Technik GmbH and was established in 2010.

Borit manufactures sheet metal products and assemblies using its proprietary Hydrogate™ forming technology resulting in advanced product designs with high forming quality and precision. Borit's products are used across the globe in fuel cells and electrolysers, thermal solutions (e.g. cooling solutions for electric vehicle battery packs), and lightweight structural parts.

French market leader Symbio relies on Borit for their successful range extender fuel cell systems. Read the full press release.

September 2016
OCAS celebrates its 25th anniversary

OCAS celebrates its 25th anniversary

To celebrate its 25th anniversary OCAS organised events for all stakeholders. 

The academic ceremony was followed by a series of scientific thematic seminars.  The exhibition "OCASional stories" focused on the economic impact of OCAS's R&D projects. The stories will soon be available on the website.

25y ocas    

February 2015
MPC invests in new induction furnaces

Metal Processing Centre expands casting facilities

OCAS and its joint venture partner CRM expand the casting facilities of the Metal Processing Centre by installing two new induction furnaces. The Metal Processing Centre is fully equipped to develop, produce, process and characterise tailor-made alloys. 

Together with its partner Sirris (collective centre of the Belgian technological industry) – experts in foundry – the MPC’s new melting furnaces will further enhance the support to the manufacturing industry. 

December 2014
Finocas Group certified

Finocas Group certified

Bureau Veritas Certification certifies that the management system of the Finocas Group has been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 and the OHSAS 18001:2007 for "Research and development, sample making and material testing in the field of metal technology and applications & business services".

July 2014
External venture Expanite

External venture Expanite

Finindus, Finocas's investment team, sets up an external venture with Expanite.

Expanite commercialises a game-changing surface hardening process for stainless steel.

May 2014
2nd SteelyHydrogen Conference

OCAS organises 2nd SteelyHydrogen Conference

Following the huge success of SteelyHydrogen 2011, OCAS once more organised this scientific conference on metals & hydrogen. SteelyHydrogen 2014 attracted over 140 participants.

March 2012
External venture Calyos

External venture Calyos

Assisted by technology scouting by OCAS, the investment company Finindus sets up an external venture.

Calyos is a provider of advanced two-phase cooling solutions for electronic components.

September 2011
OCAS organises very first conference on steel and hydrogen in Europe

OCAS organises the very first conference dedicated to steel and hydrogen in Europe

Being involved in various projects on the effects on hydrogen in steel, OCAS took the initiative to organise and host SteelyHydrogen 2011 Conference. It got worldwide response.

September 2011
Inauguration of Materials Research Cluster

Inauguration of Materials Research Cluster

Under the driving force of OCAS, 8 partners cluster in the Materials Research Cluster Gent. By joining forces and sharing lab space and equipment, this cluster houses more than 200 scientists under one roof.


January 2010
First joint-venture Borit

OCAS sets up a joint venture with borit 

Meanwhile, borit has become a world-class manufacturer of high precision sheet metal hydroformed components and assemblies in Geel (Belgium)

September 2009
Metal Structures Centre

OCAS, BIL and Labo Soete join forces in the Metal Structures Centre

The Metal Structures Centre combines competencies on design, use and evaluation of the behaviour of steel structures for its worldwide customers. The Metal Structures Centre is a consortium consisting of OCAS nv, the Soete Laboratory of Ghent University and the Belgian Welding Institute (BIL).

June 2008
First external venture PowerCell

First external venture PowerCell

OCAS was strongly involved in the preparation of this first external investment file.

PowerCell manufactures fuel cells, reformers and auxiliary power units with lower emissions.

January 2008
Metals processing centre

Metals Processing Centre, a joint venture of OCAS and CRM

Answering the strong need for initiatives that link the results of science and technology to the creation of new value through innovation, an asset company “Metals Processing Centre” was created at the Zwijnaarde Campus of the Ghent University.

Since its creation in 2008, the Metals Processing Centre has proven to be a success in attracting extra business for both involved partners. 

November 2007
First spin-off xcelcoat

First spin-off xcelcoat

OCAS launches its first spin-off xcelcoat.

xcelcoat develops aesthetic & functional surface properties for indoor applications. 

Meanwhile the xcelcoat product range xcellook and xcelcolour is commercially available on industrial  scale. Furthermore an outdoor version will be launched to complement the indoor product range.

June 2006
Merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel

Merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel

Thanks to the merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel, OCAS's perimeter expanded from European to global.

June 2005
Renewed mission

Renewed missions embrace the open innovation approach

“3@work” is established between Ghent University, CRM (Centre for research in metallurgy) and OCAS. Its success is immediate: by sharing equipment and lab space, optimized logistics result in a considerable increase in output whilst reducing operating and maintenance cost. Each of the involved partners can furthermore retain its unique selling proposition and the overall health & safety policy is upgraded. On top of that, students of the University faculties have access to state-of-the-art metallurgical processing equipment, enriching their lab practices. 


June 2004
Reorientation of OCAS activities

Reorientation of OCAS activities

During the restructuring of Arcelor's research activities, OCAS shifts from automotive towards general industry sector. As a result, OCAS's field of activities is enlarged to a multitude of sectors, dealing with a much wider product mix.

January 2003
Approval “Staalvriendelijk Vlaanderen” by Flemish government

Approval “Staalvriendelijk Vlaanderen” by Flemish government

The project approval of "Staalvriendelijk Vlaanderen" (Steel-friendly Flanders), confirmed by the European Commission in 2004, is an important milestone for OCAS. In addition to anchoring its know-how in the region, "Staalvriendelijk Vlaanderen" enabled OCAS to expand its research activities.


December 2002
First decade of OCAS

First decade of OCAS

From its start in 1991, OCAS bridges the production of thin flat steel with its customers in the field of automotive and stainless steel.  

During the first decade, the activities of OCAS were therefore mainly focused on major production steps in automotive: forming, assembly and coating.

September 1991
Official inauguration of OCAS nv

Official inauguration of OCAS nv

Official inauguration of OCAS nv (OnderzoeksCentrum voor de Aanwending van Staal), the brand new research centre of Sidmar (currently ArcelorMittal Gent), Laminoir de Dudelange and ALZ (currently Aperam).