25th anniversary – XXL calendar story

For OCAS's 25th anniversary, each team was challenged to present their expertise in an original manner.

To celebrate 25 years of OCAS, also the Finocas, I-SenS and Finindus teams joined in for this challenge. Our teams proved to be highly creative in showing their expertise! We therefore decided to present the collection of the pictures in an XXL 2017 calendar.

Each month we will give some background information per picture.

December image

Depending on expertise and background, researchers use different approaches to tackle challenges. Combining various competences in multi-disciplinary teams is therefore highly beneficial when looking for creative solutions. The OCAS CTO, CSO, business developers and programme leaders gathered at the local academy of fine arts to illustrate the many interesting aspects of alloys: microstructure, weldability, surface, strength, toughness, …

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From left to right: Roger, Tom, Serge, Martin, Franz, Rob and Katrien. Right-side wall “gallery”: Marc, Philippe and Joachim

November image

It takes great skill to process tailor-made alloys on a laboratory scale. Our metal processing team proudly presents their craftsmanship in casting, rolling and heat treatment. Thanks to their expertise and unique equipment, OCAS can process your samples in a quick and flexible manner. Discover more in this breathtaking video on the development of electrical steels.

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From left to right: Ali, Sakaria, Luc, Bart, Koen, Michaël, Carlo and Klaas. Since this picture was taken, Gilles joint this metal processing team. You can see Gilles in the June image below.

October image

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and skilled staff, the Advanced Mechanical Characterisation, Electromagnetic Measurement, Forming, Roughness & Tribology, H2S and H2 testing, Large Scale Testing and Welding teams of the Applications & Solutions department of OCAS evaluate in-use behaviour and validate numerical models (also see May image).  

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From left to right: Luc, Ken, Stefaan, Joeri, Dominique, Kurt, Koen, Steven, Dennis, Tom, Nick, Frank, Koen, Jeroen, Joachim, and Andries

September image

The OCAS in-house engineering and sampling & mechanical testing teams know about the power of teamwork. They were inspired by the shape of a tensile test sample. The picture shows eager supporters used to work together to realise projects within the budget & timeframe without compromising safety.


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From left to right: Maarten, Giovanni, Frank, Koen, Dierick, Cedric, Alexandre, Guy, Tahar, Johan, Kris, Steven, Tars and Eric


August image

In view of the tropic temperatures during this holiday season, the OCAS surface team decided to dive into pre-treatment. Helped by a few accessoires and an enlarged picture of our pre-treatment lab as background, our team members excelled in showing their passion for surface engineering. 


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From left to right: Greet, Debora, Philippe, Krista, Philippe, Pierre, Jan, Marc, Nihad and Beril solve pre-treatment and corrosion issues

July image

The OCAS Surfaces department streched their creativity and came up with great ideas, of which two were selected for our XXL calendar. Discover the first one in July! Team members pretend to be coating lab samples. We called in the help of a professional body paint artist who applied metallic as well as coloured paint, representing our activities regarding metallic and organic coatings. One person is being “coated” while the others still await their transformation in a spray booth. All team members have expertise in the field of development and performance of metallic and organic coatings. 


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From left to right: Björn, Lien, Ansbert, Nathalie, Dirk, Ann, Joost, Eva, Maarten, Kurt and Nico. Meet the other members of the Surfaces department in our August image!


June image

The OCAS Technical Support & Services team (TS&S) provides technical support to the customers. Not only is the team called in for a diverse range of topics, the operating mode can be very different depending on the request. Although there is no such thing as a typical TS&S request, for certain the customer needs a solution and needs it fast! TS&S is sometimes called the OCAS “emergency room”. 

XXL OCAS Calendar

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From left to right: Gilles, Pieter, Sylvia, Veerle, Annick, Annick, Dirk, Nico, Isabel and Rolf


May image

The Application & Solutions department models in-use behaviour of materials and components. The numerical models are validated using extensive experimental testing methodologies available in-house. To illustrate the importance of the validation, the team chose a Charpy sample of which the left half shows the numerical calculation of the toughness result, whereas the right half shows the actual tested sample.

From left to right: Hendrik, Özlem, John, Katia, Sofie, Lode, Haithem, Christoph, Jan, Steven, Maarten, Patrick and Reza.  Meet the other Application & Solution team members in our October image!

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April image

Lab safety and correct labelling is integrated in OCAS’s procedures. The GHS labels (=Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) inspired the “CHICO” (=Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Corrosion) team members to customize these labels.

GHS labels


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Find the matching labels (from left to right) with Barbara, Jan, Jonas, Karen, Nigel, Marleen, Lotte, Myriam and Veerle.


March image

OCAS’s structural materials characterisation team shows images of typical microstructures. 


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The fabric of the clothes the team is wearing was replaced by technical images taken during microstructural characterisation. Gwyneth, Sabine, Marijke, Cynthia, Chris (†), Ann, Jonas (interim), Mario, Maggie, Isabel, Virginia, Dimitri and Henk are showing truly unique clothing!

February image

The I-SenS team delivers facility services to OCAS and other partners of the Materials Research Cluster. 

february I-SenS

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Discover the myriad of support sercvices: Marlies, Veerle & Veerle take care of reception and administration; Lieve assists the Operations & Technology section of OCAS in report and quality document handling;  Stijn, Stany, Tom, Philippe, Ronny and Niels master the warehouses in Zelzate and Zwijnaarde and take care of maintenance & building infrastructure; IT-services are delivered by Arne, Emmy, Alexander, Renaat, Nico, Stefaan (interim) and Jonas (interim). Herby manages I-SenS and is also involved in the park management of Tech Lane Gent.

January image

OCAS’s research engineers of the metallurgy department came up with the idea to make a “human” iron-carbon diagram. After all, phase diagrams are the playground of our metallurgists! Initially we also wanted to use pictures of matching microstructures as background for the different phases in the diagram. However, the contrast was not very nice, so we preferred the artistic alternative using pictures of various metals. 


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(From left to right – top) Koenraad, Elke, Nele, Zinedine, (from left to right – centre) Nuria, Pablo, Xavier, Lode, Laura, Dorien, (from left to right – bottom) Ulrike, Wahib, Clément, and Lieven from the Metallurgy team proudly present 25 years of expertise in alloy development, surface engineering, metal applications & co-engineering and materials characterisation & testing. 

Cover image

slider calendar

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(From left to right-top) Gert, Nancy, Marijke, Nancy, Cindy (From left to right -bottom) Dirk, Hans, Stefaan, Sven, Christophe, Katrien, Frans, from the HR, finance & controlling and Finindus team proudly present 25 years of expertise in alloy development, surface engineering, metal applications & co-engineering and materials characterisation & testing.