Metal product and surface development at OCAS

Metal product & surface development

We develop, produce, process and characterise your tailor-made alloys in small batches. Your development cost is considerably reduced thanks to limiting upfront expensive trials on industrial lines. In addition to this, we also help you develop new functional and aesthetic coatings with improved properties. Read more…

Material's design and engineering at OCAS

Material's design & engineering

We assist you in the design and engineering of your metal part. Feasibility studies are supported with finite element simulations and real life testing. We help you reduce time and cost of new developments, and optimise the performance of your production processes and end products. Read more…

Parts and prototyping at OCAS

Parts & prototyping

Benefit from our sheet metal rapid prototyping and shorten your time-to-market. Prototypes demonstrate a new design or technical feasibility, reducing development costs. Our experienced staff can support you with the co-design and co-engineering of the part. We also offer you the production of small series. Read more…

Training and seminars at OCAS

Training & seminars

We want to share our know-how with you. That is why we offer dedicated and tailor-made training sessions on metal related subjects. We also give seminars and workshops at OCAS or in-house at your workplace. Discover the extended OCAS training and seminar offer. Read more…

Small-scale metal production
Lab design and production of metals with a tailored chemistry and microstructure. Read more.
Steely Hydrogen Conference
Ocas's 2nd International SteelyHydrogen2014 Conference gathered more than 140 participants. Check the website to discover the award winners and order the Conference Proceedings book. Read more on our H-lab.