Metal product & surface development

Metal product development at OCAS

We develop your tailor-made alloys in small batches, from 100 g to 100 kg. Specifically for the development of new steel grades or special alloys, we can simulate the entire industrial production process on laboratory scale. This includes casting, hot and cold rolling, and annealing. Our production process for customised casting and rolling of metal alloys can be scaled up to an industrial environment. In the light of the future hydrogen economy, we also study hydrogen embrittlement in steel grades. Apart from smart materials selection, we have experience in advanced materials testing and characterisation.

Our aim is to help you reduce your development cost (as there is no more need for expensive industrial trials), to optimise your process and to enhance material properties. All this is achieved via the Metal Processing Centre (MPC), a unique collaboration between OCAS and the Centre for Research in Metallurgy (CRM).

Surface development at OCAS

We can furthermore coat samples by hot dip galvanising (pure zinc or alloys) and apply an environment-friendly thin organic coating or a thin layer by means of CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition). The full coating process can be simulated on lab scale at our facilities, including surface characterisation and testing. So let us guide you through the entire process of developing new surface qualities and functionalities, from lab to pre-industrial scale.

Through our unique collaboration with Flanders Materials Centre (FLAMAC), a division of SIM, you can benefit from our access to high throughput testing. Thanks to this methodology, new coating formulations can be quickly screened. This enables us to improve your surface treatment, optimise the surface characteristics of your product, lower your production cost and speed up the development of new, sustainable coatings.

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