Parts & prototyping

Parts & prototyping at OCAS

We provide you with an affordable prototype in record-time. Rapid prototyping is the quickest technique to manufacture a new part. Shaping prototypes out of sheet metal allows you to test and validate some functional properties of the future parts, avoiding expensive industrial testing.

Based on your CAD file, we check the feasibility of your design. We investigate whether your design is appropriate for the intended application or needs optimisation. Of course we are ready to help you with the adaptation of the design if necessary. We have experience in a wide range of engineering calculations to assist you in terms of strength, stability, stiffness, thermal behaviour or fatigue.

Shaping prototypes out of sheet metal

Then we shape your design concept out of metal sheet. Our highly flexible prototyping machine can form parts of large size, up to 2000 x 1500 x 500 mm. On top of that, we assist you with the development of tooling. Our service offer also includes small series production, even of less straightforward parts.

Prototypes can be completed by 3D cutting, punching, edging, laser welding or even be painted in our coating facilities. The part in turn is measured on our Coordinating Measuring Machine (CMM) and tested to determine whether it meets your requirements. Read more on our extended prototyping and assembly expertise.

Making use of a metal prototype has numerous advantages. Think about the increased efficiency thanks to rapid testing of multiple configurations, and the decreased technical risks thanks to testing on functional metal parts. You get your final product faster to market while at the same time reducing your investment cost. Our prototyping service offer further enables you to customise your design, all this in record time.

Small-scale metal production
Lab design and production of metals with a tailored chemistry and microstructure. Read more.
Electrotechnical applications
Advanced magnetic measurement systems, magnetic material research and electromagnetic design. Learn more about our services for electrotechnical applications.