Metallurgical lab scale processing at OCAS

Metallurgical lab scale processing

We develop new metal alloys in our Metal Processing Centre (MPC), where the entire production process can be done at lab scale. Metallurgical modelling is used to optimise both grade development as well as processing. Our dedicated hydrogen lab, also located in the MPC, enables us to reveal the hydrogen behaviour inside materials. Read more…

Surface functionalisation at OCAS

Surface treatment & functionalisation

We help to improve the surface characteristics of various coated substrates. The complete coating and enamelling process can be simulated. Different coatings and surface treatments can be processed using a variety of deposition techniques and curing technologies. The high throughput technology screens new coating formulations in record-time. Read more…

Modelling at OCAS

Modelling & simulations

Modelling and simulation software enable us to find solutions for your design and engineering challenges. Thanks to a wide range of available Finite Element Modelling (FEM) tools, which can be linked, we help improve your production or process development. Real-life tests at our facilities can even validate the simulations. Read more…

Sheet metal forming at OCAS

Sheet metal forming & assembly

When engineering a new part, it is important to check feasibility prior to manufacturing. Prototypes are shaped out of metal sheet using forming technologies, such as incremental forming. This is a flexible, rapid and low-cost technique. Welding and mechanical joining techniques take care of the parts’ assembly. Read more…

Electromagnetic applications at OCAS

Electromagnetic applications

We use our expertise on soft magnetic materials and electrical steels especially to increase performance. Simulations identify the best suited grade and optimised design. And our advanced magnetic measuring systems guarantee a rapid quality control. Read more…

Product safety at OCAS

Product safety

Our analysis capabilities range from materials VOC analysis to welding fumes analysis and testing of Cr (VI) presence. In addition, we offer the possibility to perform risk assessments, including exposure scenarios, for which we provide a wide range of sampling methods, for instance air sampling on production lines and workplaces. Read more…

Small-scale metal production
Lab design and production of metals with a tailored chemistry and microstructure. Read more.
Electrotechnical applications
Advanced magnetic measurement systems, magnetic material research and electromagnetic design. Learn more about our services for electrotechnical applications.