Electromagnetic applications

Magnetic measurements and quality control

We design and build standard and specific magnetic measurement set-ups, both for laboratory use and for in-line quality control of continuous production processes. We can also modernize existing measurement equipment at the customer to improve its control and precision, including for systems such as Franklin testers and sigma meters.

  • Laboratory measurement systems
    o   Magna lab: advanced Epstein, SST and ring-core measurements at varying frequency, induction, temperature and mechanical stress
    o   Magna rotational: single sheet tester with two-dimensional flux patterns
    o   Magnetostriction
  • Quality control systems
    o   Magna inline: measurements of magnetic properties of steel during the production process
    o   Quality control systems: inspection of materials or finished products in production lines

Metallurgic R&D for electromagnetic applications

The combination of our expertise in metallurgy and electromagnetism gives us a unique capability to improve the performance of electrical machines and transformers. The multi-disciplinary skills present within OCAS and our partnering companies allow us to take on and manage comprehensive research projects. Examples of our work in this area:

  • Investigation of optimal annealing cycle of a ferromagnetic material to improve its performance
  • Selection of suitable alloys (electrical steel grades, magnetic stainless steels, low carbon steel, amorphous metals…) for specialist electro-magnetic applications
  • Investigations into motor failure or unexpected behaviour due to unsuitable materials or processes
  • Plating of various conductive materials on steel parts to provide a conductive layer
  • Analysis and design of coatings
  • Investigation into corrosion resistance of materials and applications

Electromagnetic modelling and design services

We specialise in modelling and design of electromagnetic equipment where a multi-disciplinary approach and good understanding of materials are crucial. We use state-of-the-art software packages and in-house developed material models to carry out detailed electromagnetic, mechanical and thermal analysis of existing machines. Our modelling approach is unique through its combination with advanced material characterisation, such that we can feed our models with accurate data that has been measured up to realistic temperatures and stresses. We also optimise electrical machines, transformers or inductors to given specifications. We maintain excellent links with material suppliers, designers of electric drives, stack and machine producers and mechanical workshops to allow the delivery of working prototypes that are ready for testing.

Small-scale metal production
Lab design and production of metals with a tailored chemistry and microstructure. Read more.
Electrotechnical applications
Advanced magnetic measurement systems, magnetic material research and electromagnetic design. Learn more about our services for electrotechnical applications.