Material's design & engineering

Material's design and engineering at OCAS

We develop new products and engineering solutions to satisfy your need. We make your product cheaper, faster and safer to produce. Co-design and co-engineering are key factors to product development and innovative solutions. In partnership with you, we identify and validate opportunities in optimising the parts concept and design, and improving your process.

Our experts also advise on the best grade for your specific application. Thanks to simulations coupled with material selection expertise, we can achieve considerable reductions in development time and cost. Smart use of high strength steels, for example, leads to weight reduction as it can be used in thinner gauges to obtain the required performance and durability of the end application. We help you in finding those weight saving solutions not only reducing your metal supply cost, but also improving the performance of your product or process.

Co-engineering at OCAS

We have an impressive range of finite element modelling (FEM) tools, permitting considerable reductions in development time and costs, which results in a competitive advantage for you. We are able to predict the feasibility of your design and optimise the effects of different materials, coatings and design for forming, welding, cutting, joining, and electromagnetic, thermal and vibro-acoustic properties. Numerical simulations are supported by physical ones; the specific properties of your product can afterwards be tested in real life in our lab. Read more on our simulation and modelling expertise as well as on our real life testing capabilities.

We help you to enhance your welding process and assembly techniques by means of evaluation of weldability, characterisation of microstructure and properties of the weld, innovative solutions for multi-materials joining, special welding tests, expert witness & failure investigation services, and on-site troubleshooting and consultancy.

Small-scale metal production
Lab design and production of metals with a tailored chemistry and microstructure. Read more.
Steely Hydrogen Conference
Ocas's 2nd International SteelyHydrogen2014 Conference gathered more than 140 participants. Check the website to discover the award winners and order the Conference Proceedings book. Read more on our H-lab.