About OCAS

Buildings OCAS Zelzate and Zwijnaarde

OCAS is an advanced, market-oriented research centre for steel applications. Based in Belgium, it is a joint venture between the Flemish Region and ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel group. We collaborate closely with steel and metal processing companies all over the world, providing them with innovative services, solutions and products. Our research centre is also setting up new industrial spinoff activities.

We have a highly qualified team of more than 130 experienced researchers and engineers with an international orientation. Our laboratories in Zelzate and Zwijnaarde have a unique range of state-of-the-art analysis and simulation tools, and even a complete lab scale steel production line.

OCAS in brief: view our activity report.

Small-scale metal production
Lab design and production of metals with a tailored chemistry and microstructure. Read more.
Steely Hydrogen Conference
The first ever European conference on steel and hydrogen on 28-29th September was a big success. Order your copy of the conference proceedings book now for 85€ and read more on our H-lab.